So here I had been grinding to the cursed eye bottoms for my level 40 charm quest and I got reminded of this Leafre portal site (does anyone even use this anymore?) In precisely the exact same map also it made me reminisce about the Maplestory 2 Mesos and how much of a pain the travelling used to be sometimes back then, but also the impact it had on the sport in terms of interacting with people.

Such trivial questions such as: do I really wish to use these 30k mesos that I simply saved up for to Victoria island considerably faster from Leafre or take the long route through Orbis*, had a game altering experience at least to me personally. I don't know the amount of this was a magical experience, but I always liked seeing everyone getting dropped off of the ships and landing on Orbis and then shortly to their own different ways. I've had also met plenty of buddies from just standing there talking to people and also enjoying the songs while waiting for the boat to arrive. Cursed be those crimson balrogs who consistently managed to catch me off guard on the Victoria island Orbis route though.

I didn't actually have any actual story to add to this because I guessed that my story of speaking to a stranger, becoming friends, playing the game and just talking to each other to this day would have likely derailed the topic here. Nonetheless, it's always so interesting for me to understand what everyone else is thinking as well, so to finish off this blabbering: What was/is your opinion on how you traveling around in MapleStory? Do you think that a game with this flying system may still be a selling point on today's market for MMO's? (This question just popped up in my head before I was about to post.

And to answer my own question: Despite me sounding like an old timey person on this post I'm not demanding the old way to journey straight back or anything of this sort. Although I did not quite see the importance of the old aspect of travelling until it became obsolete in the sport. But I do still like the sport as it is, not accidentally missing a boat schedule and having to wait for another one to come around really helps.

I'll be throwing a wild guess here and say dimensional mirrors would be the primary type of transportation for everyone at this time. To me teleporting into friendstory, alishan or where, then off to pantheon portal does seem a bit silly just to get around, and instead would favor a mechanic like auto-pilot (what's this thing even? Does anyone even use it?) But better implemented. Say for example, it works exactly like a cab to every major city / city only, but buy Maplestory Mesos could have a slight cool down and/or meso price.

I'm assuming a little here with the issue saying that today's MMO's are much more focused on making the advancements not feel sluggish by reducing travel times, but that's just how I feel & have undergone that lots of the games are nowadays. Correct me if I'm totally wrong.

That's about all I wanted to say, I tend to type out loud so I apologize if some pieces are bit bit perplexing to read but that I just really wanted to create this discussion and also to hear what experiences/ideas you all had. Wew, what a block of horrendous text I've created.

But on a side note, how do you grammatically kind a sentence where you continue after a question? I wanted to include question mark at the close of the query at this place but it just seemed so wrong at the time of this writing.