En Masse Entertainment has announced how the newest character to participate Closers Credits has finally arrived. Tina may be known as an "interdimensional cyborg sniper" and was recently "elected" with the community to get the next player character into the future into the game.

Players settling on start a Tina character will get a number of in-game perks: To celebrate Tina’s arrival, we’ve got three great events planned to learn players who build a Tina character: Start a new Tina character and you’ll obtain a Welcome Box that grants that you simply Small Plum Soda, a Dark Command 10-Piece Set (day), and also a set of 3-Star Midnight Wings (a day)! We’ll also send a special support box (via in-game mail) once you hit levels 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 using a Tina character! These boxes contain weapon cores, enhancement items, and much more! Once Tina's level cap is increased to 75 within the April 16 update, you'll receive a box for hitting 75 too! Complete stages that consume 10 Fatigue (or even more) and you’ll receive Cheap Closers Credits tokens to craft special rewards, including accessories and boosts!