In order to allow for Luna to experience a role inside Closers Credits the war contrary to the Beast, UNION specially made Luna into your Nightingale team and appointed the instructor on the Nightingales team “Wolf G. Schneider” because mentor of Luna. Ginger will help Luna's self-identification and growth by overcoming his very own demons, as well as the same time fostering Luna's combat experience. Under Wolfgang Jiang’s efforts, Luna successfully integrated the attack method together with the shield, designed a unique kind of combat, also to some extent competent to overcome the shadow of self-identity, but unyielding personality But let Luna inflict combat missions, often in spite of their own safety!

Therefore, Wolfe Jiang still believes that Luna's brain is not mature enough to be capable to invest within the total war up against the beast and grow an independent agent. Although Wolfe Jiang strives to fight with all the upper strata and hopes to delay the timing of Luna's launching into your Beast War, UNION’s top management resolutely appoints Luna to get in the front line on the war of dimension. Perhaps it turned out to Cheap Closers Credits show the final results of research and technology as soon as possible, or possibly UNION's top executives are determining what they are...?