Red Heart Pepper's "Diary Online" launched today (22) the Digimon Masters Online Tera revision, the addition of the burst type "Wind Digimon", "Chaos Dragon Digimon" and more than one digital Digimon. The official also specifically released information related to revisions for reference by interested players.

The "Omega Monster" is a member of the "Royal Cavalier". It is a combined ultimate body of "Steel Garuru" and "Combat Tyrannosaurus". The right wrist has the "steel Galluru" cannon and missile, while the left wrist " "The Tyrannosaurus Sword" is a strong feature of the "Combat Tyranny Animal". At the same time, the "Omega Animal" is also equipped with the highest hardness defensive weapon in the digital world. It was originally mounted on the back of a fighting tyrannosaurus Digimon. Shield of "Courage of the Courage". With the help of the Dragon Warrior and the Digimon of Ice, combined with powerful defenses, the Digimon Masters Online Gold possesses absolute superior combat power to cope with various battles.