The orc-type Digimon Masters Online Tera "Human Face Warrior Digimon", which evolved from the amalgamation of "Agulla Digimon" and "Di Lu Digimon", has strong foot strength, can bounce to high altitude, spread its arms just like a gliding wing, and doubles. The ear gear carries a radar function for you the received message on the head monitor, accurately grasping the position in the enemy, and its particular nirvana can launch the "High Aurora Gun" energy bomb from the arms, which enables it to also open its hands with ultra-fast The flight displayed "Double Boeing Impact" and gave the enemy a fatal blow.

The new introduction in the evil incarnation of "Suck Vampire" would be the ultimate model with the evil evil spirits of Warcraft. It is usually a devil-type digital Digimon that completely surpasses the best blood-sucking Warcraft. A white and intelligent wisdom, not merely with his eyes to show off Digimon Masters Online Gold in a virtual world like reality, and also to launch the devastating weapons “Sodom” and “Gomorrah” on both shoulders, allowing the enemies to vanish instantly.