If you play Tera PS4 Items , maybe you experienced the Pokemon-like in-game event where you search for these super cute creatures called Mongos, after which you “hug” them for loot.

Now, if by any chance, you missed the 1st wave of TERA Mongos a few weeks ago, TERA Mongo: Neon is coming over to show you the thrill of hunting Mongos! This release will incorporate a great deal of changes, and most of these are in accordance with the suggestions on the players. You can also expect new Mongos to dig up for fun and delicious loot!

Among these changes is certainly one that makes Mongos spawn in fewer areas, but common Mongos will show up in greater numbers than before. They have also standardized the drops of common Mongos. So, now, you could only get yourself a few feedstock or masterwork alkahest from your Mongo, but as their numbers will likely be vast, you'll likely stock up on enchanting materials rapidly.

Uncommon and Rare Mongos had their drops significantly enhanced, but Buy Tera Gold XBOX can be still rare making sure that evens it.