When she was calm, she saw the deaths and injuries of Closers Credits as well as the bodies of her parents. She could no more afford the cruelty in the world. She believes that her sin is just one death to repay; at the moment, the UNION organization has again issued a command to kill. But the earth didn't stop trying her. Pace's special combat force "Red Wolf Squad" extended additional aide and promised to get guided through the UNION organization to turn into a human power, so she became a temporary member with the Red Wolf squad. . At the same time, she has also been given a persons name "Levia".

Lei Biya's personality is not great at communicating with others. In the process of accelerating up, he witnessed the disappearance of his household, and permit him to always maintain a mentality for people. Paradoxically, she uses the hidden resources on the body to aid humans fully stand up. Fight against Closers Credits NA .Such behavior might be a redemption and redemption for Lei Biya.