Ever since Closers Credits began its open beta testing in South Korea in December, 2014 players happen to be speculating on when / if this would make its way up to Western shores. Today En Masse Entertainment, well known for publishing Tera and Kritika Online, announced that they will probably be bringing Closers to North America and Europe in English. Closed alpha test is expected to begin with in September having an open beta happening later inside the fall. For those who haven't unquestionably Korean version of Closers or perhaps the English private server, this is an action MMORPG with persistent lobbies and instanced dungeons (think Kritika / DFO).

Shortly after an English private server for Closers launched (Code Closers) we had arrived contacted by Naddic Games (Closer's developer) and were advised that they were focusing on getting the action licensed and localized for Western release. Enthusiasm to have an official Closers launch may be somewhat muted though since the English private server has become operating for Buy Closers Credits any bit over a few months already.