Closers Credits is patched while using Pandimensional Update which brings "Closers from another reality" in to the existing game world. These wannabes are "determined to prove themselves the best Closers inside the entire multiverse". From now through April 3rd, players will discover a tournament-style bracket where they are able to vote once every a couple of days to see how their most favorite characters progress throughout the "Who is the better boy" and "Who is the better girl" categories.

The official site has biographies of every of the characters. Votes will probably be tallied from the inside the game and also on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone who participated will get a code for "a free in-game poster featuring the winners that most players is capable of showing in their housing area". The prize will likely be delivered as part in the Mid-April Update.

In addition, the Tina Versus Harpy event has expired with Tina being voted in because the next playable character. She will likely be released on April 3rd. Harpy fans really should Buy Closers Credits not be too bummed out: She will arrive from the mid-May update.