Working diagonally across the same intersection during the peak traffic flow of lunch hour, another female agent, Zhou Genlan, tall and severe, waves her arms and whistles like a force of nature.

Standalone retail is just the latest development for the company, which has seen tremendous growth since it was founded in 2006. Last spring, Toms launched eyewear, signaling that it would no longer be just a shoe company but a multiproduct company based on the oneforone giving model. Mycoskie expects to launch a new product category in the next 12 to 24 months. He's also working on pilot projects featuring manufacturing in Africa, to be announced in the spring. "We've heard loud and clear from our customers that they want more incountry production and more incountry job creation," he said. "If we're giving in these countries, we also need to be creating jobs and supporting entrepreneurs."

The glittery high heels and sexy thong sandals didn't catch his eye. On this day he was looking for survivors. Guys like Jack Berlin, 74, who has been selling shoes for nearly half a century.

The traffic assistants each have their own ways of coping, their own strategies for managing the impossible. Short of stature, and with a lively, expressive face that puts some pedestrians on guard even before she makes a gesture, Li Hong, Golden Goose Sneakers a twoyear veteran of the force who works on the city's most famous business street, Nanjing Lu, is a study in quiet persuasion.

Now I make a good amount of my sneakerrelated sales through retail arbitrage just taking advantage of outlet finds local markdowns.

We all possess the ability to tap into that place. In fact, it's kind of like Dorothy's red slippers you've had it all along. It's called play. Or, it's what exercise professionals like to refer to as "the fun factor." The theory goes that if it's enjoyable, it won't be a chore, and you'll want to do it.

The advantage is that you have a lighter over all shoes as well as something more wearable.(flexible, more motion, cooler) You can get that feeling from switching from a newer Nike from airmax 95.