For example, Anton Yudintsev, CEO at Gaijin Entertainment, told GamingBolt in an exclusive interview that the Xbox One X’s GPU can often rival some of the most popular PC graphics cards on the market- for a variety of reasons, which include the lack of extraneous OS bloat that games have to War Thunder Golden Eagles get through on PCs compared to consoles.

“First of all, console developers do have better access to hardware, due to a very thin API layer, and can make better and faster code targeting exact hardware (for a particular console),” he said.

“Obviously it would be more correct to compare it to one of AMD’s GPU’s (since Xbox One X is actually AMD GPU), but NVIDIA currently dominates the PC market. So, I would say Xbox One X’s GPU computing power is about GTX1080, however, the amount of video RAM and it’s bandwidth, which is very important for current games (as a lot of them are actually limited by memory ‘speed’) makes it somewhat close to Titan X series.”