Finally, Dunham said that players who don’t have any interest in crates and keys in Rocket League can simply opt out of the item drop system."We also want to reassure you guys that we are sticking with our approach to keep introducing free new Arenas, Modes, and Items, along with the occasional paid DLC just like we always have," he said. "Hope this helps shed some light on what we have planned. It's actually a pretty cool system that we'll be happy to share detail about next month."

Psyonix has now earned more than $110 million in revenue from Rocket League, and it got there by giving away content for free.According to a new report from Forbes, Psyonix had earned $70 million in revenue and sold 4 million units of Rocket League Items its breakout hit Rocket League across PS4, PC and Xbox One. Now, those figures stand at $110 million in revenue and 5 million unit sales - a 57% and 25% increase respectively.