Microsoft is much more close-minded than the Sony guys,” he asserted. “It’s really hard to get a free-to- War Thunder Golden Eagles play game on a Microsoft platform; you need to talk to them on a case-by-case scenario. And they’re not allowing cross-platform play at all. That means, in the current stage, [Xbox One] is not really the right platform for us.”

Gaijin has spent about $10 million on War Thunder development so far, according to Yudintsev, but it’s already raking in substantial revenue on the game. The 10-15 percent of players who purchase premiere accounts and content have spent enough for Gaijin to completely recoup its PC development costs.“Today you can make a real, quality game, make it free-to-play, and actually earn money,” said Yudintsev. “We’re not the only ones doing this, but we’re part of the movement that’s helping to change that mindset.”