Developed Gaijin Entertainment, War Thunder is a massive online multiplayer video game that takes us to War Thunder Golden Eagles frantic aerial and ground combats. We will have at our disposal more than 800 vehicles between fighters and armored cars to deal with battles of up to 64 players. We have also been promised that a third type of vehicle will be included: the boats. From anti-aircraft boats to powerful destroyers will become part of the game "soon", in an imminent closed beta phase exclusively for those who access the aforementioned "Game Preview" versions.

It is a game that has crossed game between players of Xbox One and PC, so the player base and the fan community is very broad. We will never lack fighters in our contests and we can enjoy with our friends even if they play in the compatible version.If you're thinking "Sure it's a Pay 2 Win" or "Too complicated for me", do not run out yet; War Thunder will surely surprise you. Let's find out!