However, the British "The Sun" gave a very different report, the British media said that even if Chelsea can not enter the top four, Abu will not fire Conte, the Italians will continue to stay in Chelsea, Abu hope Conte can Continue to prove yourself. However, Chelsea boss does not like Conte's point is that the Italians often complain to FIFA Coins the outside world about the blue shirt's signings and injuries, which makes the boss unhappy.

In Conte's view, the quality of Chelsea's signings is not as good as Manchester City and Manchester United. He also believes that the management of the team is not enough to support him. However, one data is that after Conti came to Stamford Bridge in 2016, Chelsea's net spending on signings had reached 180 million pounds.

An insider at Stamford Bridge told The Sun that Abu was unhappy when he heard about the proposal to fire the coach. The Champions League seat is very important, but missed the Champions League will not let Conte lose his job. Now Abu I hope to give the coach a chance. If Conti continues to complain, then the club's top officials will act under pressure because people are tired of such behavior."