Milner, who played for Manchester City, said: “We know they are a top team. Although we are in a good position now, but the game is not over yet. They have strong offensive force. There are many excellent offensive players. We must We must have excellent defense and then we hope to FIFA Coins score a goal. We will attack as we did before, and we will try to win the game. We are leading 3-0 in the 'first half' but we will not contract the defense."

The two games with Manchester City (losing to Liverpool and Manchester United) lost 3 goals respectively. In contrast, Liverpool had 0 opponents in the past two games, which gave Milner more confidence because this 32-year-old The game played well in both games. Milner modestly stated that he was just a gear in Liverpool's machine: "My running data has been very stable in the past year, and even when running against Manchester City, it is not as good as other competitions. This is midfield. Work is also part of my game, which is what the team needs."

“We are always oppressing our opponents. You cannot rely on your teammates to exert pressure on your opponent. You must rely on quantity. If one person does not complete his job and covers his position, he will give his opponents an opportunity. Everyone must complete their work. And change roles in a timely manner. If someone does not do this, it will be easy to see and it will not happen often."