It’s time to stand aside jerboa—there’s a new charmer in town. After almost a year as Ark: Survival Evolved‘s uncontested king of cute, the knee-high, big-eyed rodent has finally been usurped by this small, cute little guy.The otter (or the Lutra Peloso, as the Ark science boffins are calling it) marks the first new creature to be announced for the game since the feathery, terrifying Yutryannus back in April.

This isn’t some giant, faux-prehistoric take on the beast that you can ride or feed your enemies to Buy ARK Items . It’s just an otter, as we know and love them. You can even let it ride up on your shoulder! Otters can, says the dossier, be worn around your neck as a form of insulation, and will presumably help stave off the frosty danglers when you’re in Ark‘s colder climes. Additionally, you can instruct the otter to harvest fish, and it has an occasional chance of finding silica pearls and valuable black pearls from its catches.