Under Dickson, Madden NFL introduced the Connected Franchise mode in 2012’s Madden NFL 13, brought aboard Brian Murray of NFL Films to oversee much-needed changes to the series’ broadcast presentation, and introduced a new live commentary system with Madden NFL 17. Last year, under Mike Young, Madden NFL 18 delivered the series’ inaugural story mode, good enough to win it Polygon’s Sports Video Game of the Year.

Throughout that span, Madden also made numerous gameplay improvements and changes, seeking to Madden Mobile Account make the game’s many systems (particularly defense) more understandable to the users, while supporting them with things like better blocking AI.Dickson credited many “player first advocates” on the development team at Tiburon and thanked several community leaders. “I am filled with hope when I think about the passion of those who will pick up the flag and fight on for the future of the Madden franchise.”