Today, Cavaliers forward LeBron James interviewed the Eastern Conference finals Celtics and the green coach Brad Stevens.

"I think they are one of NBA 2K18 MT the best tactical players in the league," James said. "You all know what I've said about Brad Stevens. He has the ability to inspire the maximum potential of the players. No matter who is on the court or who is in the game, they can always perform well after the suspension or when the round time is running out. He can put the player in a position of success. Over the past few years, regardless of the lineup, he always He can get the best effect from the players and he didn't just do it this season.The situation this season may have been somewhat amplified because they lost many big names.But in fact he started his coaching in Boston a few years ago. Always maximize the use of every player at hand."

The first game of the Celtics and Cavaliers' playoff series will begin officially at 3:30 on May 14th, Beijing time.