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  • Tooth colour change

    My toddler’s baby tooth is decayed. At first, we ignored the color change that occurred. Last month his front tooth discolored and started looking dull and brown. It does not seem like it is bothering him. I started to worry when the color progressed to black. The tooth right next to the affected tooth is turning gray now. Although I know these baby teeth are going to go away for sure, I’m concerned that this will cause any harm or pain the future. I use a smear of fluoride toothpaste to clean his baby teeth daily. My husband says that this discolouration would be because of plaque accumulation. I clean his teeth twice a day and rinse with water after each time he eats anything. I don’t think the affected tooth is causing him any pain or discomfort. He suffered from vitamin deficiency earlier and he is taking medication for that. Can this be the reason for the color change? I took an appointment with a children’s dentist in Whitby ( ). The appointment is scheduled this weekend. If the color change is due to any decay or infections can it be reversed at this stage? What else can I do to improve my son’s dental health? Kindly help.
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