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I'm fed up of metallic braces

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  • I'm fed up of metallic braces

    Hi, I'm fed up with braces. I remember the day that my dentist told me to wear braces. It was a surprise moment for me. I went for a dental checkup and the dentist told me to wear braces to straighten my teeth. I was stuck when I heard this. I have seen wearing braces and I hate it. It was difficult for them while talking and eating. During the third appointment, the dentist put on the dental braces for me. I remember the first in my school. Everyone made fun of me. I was getting irritated. I remember the day I cried due to these braces. It was during my presentation some of the guys made fun of me and I, lost my concentration and I got tensed. I couldn't perform well for the presentation and I lost my marks. I was so disappointed. now I need a change. I would like to get rid of braces. I investigated on this and read about one of the cosmetic dentistry procedure called Invisalign braces which are the removable braces and it is easy to handle. I discussed this with my friend and she shared good results. I have taken the appointment for the coming week to discuss with the dentist about the Invisalign braces. Please share your ideas.