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How can I protect my garden

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  • How can I protect my garden

    I am Victoria, I belong to the percentage of people who are scared of animals. I hate those dangerous creatures. I am very much interested in gardening. But every day, my garden gets damaged by some animal or the other. Last day, I saw a snake in my backyard. I think it was a venomous snake. I don't want this to happen anymore. Plant pots, plants and flowers are destroyed by some animals. I don't know who is attacking my garden. Every day I use to clean my garden.It is a time-consuming task.There are animals wastes and its bad smell is very disturbing.
    I have heard of live animal removal services in Hamilton. If I can get their services, I can see which animals are destroying my garden. Everyone suggested me to fix a camera. But by placing a camera, I can only identify the creature. But if I get the services of live trapping I can completely solve this problem. I don't know whether these services are only for wild animals. If anyone is familiar with these services, please do reply.