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  • Need cosmetic breast surgery

    My name is Sandy and I am 50 years old. After my first child, I "swelled" up to a 34B, but my second child (whom I breastfed) deflated them right back down. I used to breastfeed her almost all hours. Due to my small breasts, my dresses are not up to my size. It's been long a time I have been planning to buy a swimming suit. I will not able to wear it with these small breasts. When I shared my problem with my friend through messenger. She shared a link with me about breast augmentation. I read about two types of implants such as the saline implants and silicone gel implants. But I'm confused to choose one. Which one will be the best for me according to your opinion? My surgery is scheduled for next month. I have heard that cosmetic breast surgery are harmful for health. Is that true? Please share your opinion with me before that.