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Basics on using an espresso machine cleaner

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  • Basics on using an espresso machine cleaner

    Why do you think it is important to keep your espresso machine?

    I think keeping it clean will help you maintain the quality of your espresso. Also, that it adds extra life to the machine. I always try to purge and wipe off the stream wand after every use and also run a water shot through my machine after every brewing session.

    Recently, I came to read an article which said, doing a clean water backflush every 10 to 15 shots and at the end of every session can also be good for the espresso machine. Using an espresso machine cleaner ( ) is also great for backflushing. I’ve never used a machine cleaner before. So am here looking for some advice on how to use them. It would be great if any of you guys could let me know some basics, that you think I should know about before using the cleaner… Any suggestions are welcome.