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  • Acne

    Most of my pimples are on my forehead. When I enquired about the cause of my acne, my physician told me that the acne on the forehead is due to either dandruff or digestive issues. I don’t have dandruff but my digestive health is weak. Bloating and acidic reflux are pretty common for me. Since the pimples I’m having are non-cystic, I’m pretty sure that my digestive issues are causing them. I’m surprised knowing that there’s a link between gut health and skin health. My cousin suggested trying colonic hydrotherapy from a clinic in Toronto. I googled about this and found that it's about cleansing our colon using water to remove toxic substances and impurities. And it's proven that colonics treatments eliminate toxic residue that has borrowed itself into the internal walls of the colon. I’m pretty interested in trying this as the treatment for my acne. I’m researching about the results and reviews from those who have undergone this treatment. Please share.