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Has anyone here undergone liposuction surgery?

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  • Has anyone here undergone liposuction surgery?

    Hi!! After vigorous exercise and crash diet, I reduced my weight and currently, I’m 150 lbs. I weighed 200 lbs a year ago. Need to shed few more lbs to attain my goal.
    Even after vigorous exercise, there is no change in the fat deposited on my waist and lower abdomen. I need to get rid of it asap as I have planned to pursue my career as an air hostess.
    I’m concerned about it. So one of my friends suggested undergoing liposuction surgery from a clinic in Toronto. She said it’s worth spending money and I have scheduled an appointment there for next week.
    A few weeks back I met one of my cousins who had undergone this surgery a few years back. She underwent the surgery around her abdomen. I was shocked to see her tummy again. I enquired about it to her and she told me that she didn't maintain it as she thought the result will be same without exercising. I'm confused after seeing her. Does this mean the surgery gone wrong because of her carelessness? Has anyone had a similar situation? I have heard many good reviews regarding this procedure. I don’t want to waste my money. Any insights regarding this procedure are highly appreciated.