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Dark and freckle skin - Need advice for laser resurfacing

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  • Dark and freckle skin - Need advice for laser resurfacing

    Hey! I am a civil engineer. Since I am a site engineer, I am under the sun for the entire day. This has made my skin dark and freckle. Yesterday my brother showed me our childhood picture and I realized how much I have changed over the years. I was cute and good looking when I was a kid. Now I am disappointed to see my face in the mirror. I have applied cucumber extract, lemon juice and rose water to remove sun tan. But it was of no use. I am still dark and freckled. Is it possible to regain my natural color? My friend suggested undergoing laser resurfacing from a clinic in Mississauga. How long does it take to recover from this treatment? Is there any side effects? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions.
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    Hey, I do not have any idea about the side effects of treatment, But I can suggest you to wear wholesale designer sunglasses while outing, As you mentioned that you spend your maximum time in the sun and everyone knows that sun produces harmful UV rays, So its better to keep your eyes safe.