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  • Perfect room for music

    The perfect acoustic treatment helps to improve the quality of the sound in the room. It is important to choose the right type of room to make a perfect studio.

    Acoustic 1. The room should be more spacious to have a good acoustics. Adding furniture, couches, etc can ruin your sound quality.

    Acoustic 2. Add a foam panel on the walls to absorb the reflections.

    Acoustic 3. Use diffusers to scatter the reflections that have been trapped on the walls.

    Acoustics 4. Soundproofing the room either with heavy dense building material or by sealing the air gaps in the windows and doors.

    Acoustic 5. Use natural sound absorber, a mattress to absorb the bad reflections. Place a mattress against your wall. You must use a heavy solid core quality mattress, not a light inner-spring mattress.