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    Hello everyone, Has anyone had a situation where you were thankful for having a commercial security monitoring systems in your office( Well, I am!!!. Last week, on tuesday I went to work as usual to find that lot of spam emails were sent to my clients, which I didn’t. I didn’t have a clue what went wrong. It became a huge issue in my company. My company was on the brim to lose many of their clients. All because of those mails. They were going to fire me. Nobody believed me, and they were going to fire me. That’s when I remembered having a CCTV behind me. I checked the database and found that someone came in and hacked my system and that same person was the one who sent those emails. Thanks to the camera, it saved my career and my life. The company apologized to all those clients and everything is somewhat coming to normal situations. Still there are some issues that needed to be resolved. But still, the CCTV saved my life. I strongly believe that every company should have cameras covering indoors and outdoors. Is there anyone who agree otherwise.?
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