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Is dental implants safe for a kid?

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  • Is dental implants safe for a kid?

    My daughter is nine years old. She starts her day by waking up at 6 am and drinks coffee, arranges all her books in order. But yesterday, she woke up late and was busy finishing her daily routines. she was late and was so tensed. She climbs the stairs so fastly as she doesn't want to miss the bus. But accidentally her leg slipped from stairs and broke her front tooth. I worried as blood was flowing from her mouth constantly. I took her to a general dentist and he said that implant is the best solution for this. I discussed with my friend about this and she suggested to get dental implants from a cosmetic dentistry in Aurora. Is dental implants safe for a kid? Does it give a natural look after taking treatment? Kindly share your views. Thank you in advance.