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I'm a chain smoker

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  • I'm a chain smoker

    Hi, I'm here to share my friend's problem of bad breath. She is a chain smoker. She started smoking when she was fifteen. She was curious to know about it. During my college time I used to take her to drug awareness classes and I got to know how bad is smoking for health. But she was not willing to stop it. She was smoking more than 2 packs a day. She even hides it from me. When I see the cigarette packs I used to throw them and advised her to stop it. After a long time, I met her for our friend's birthday party. I talked to her and shared all our good moments. During our conversation, I felt she has bad breath and told her in secret about it. She asked me for a solution and I said I would text her later. I googled about this and found dental cleaning services will give a solution for this. My mom suggested taking dental hygiene services from Toronto. I texted her about this. She has scheduled an appointment for the coming week. Please share your suggestions and advices. Thank you.