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    Hi ,
    I recently bought a house here in Toronto. An own house was a dream for me and my husband for a few years. Our financial state only allowed us one now. We do have a mortgage. Here is the thing that affects me. I have a hobby. I make things with wood. I was using the basement of the place we lived for doing such projects. My husband never allowed me to do such things inside the house. And now we don't have a basement and I don't have a place for my hobby. So I was looking for possible options and found out that people are using storage containers for such uses. That really seemed great and I have decided to do the same. But my search for shipping container companies in Toronto who provides customized container only found the one in the link. I am looking more suggestions and review of this company.
    Whether you run a small business, large company or looking for a place to store your valuables in Toronto, we have the right size container for you.