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    Hi, I'm twenty five years old, suffering from myopia and I wear glasses. I hate wearing it. My friends make fun of me by calling nicknames. I will get irritated during those moments. It doesn't suite my face. I look older when I wear it. My friends used to say that I’m pretty when I’m without glasses. During presentations, I used to loose my confidence thinking about my looks. Guys in my class disturb me by calling me nicknames. I'm fed up of being humiliated. In class, one day I forgot to wear glasses and I was not able to read what was written in the board. It troubled me the whole day and I became desperate. I consulted my physician and he suggested custom LASIK surgery. I researched about it. I texted my friends to check whether anyone is aware of it. One of my friends said that she has undergone custom LASIK surgery from San Antonio recently. Now she is happy with the results. I scheduled an appointment on the coming week. Does this surgery have any sideeffects? Kindly share your views and suggestions. Thank you in advance.