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Dental health for toddlers

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  • Dental health for toddlers

    My toddler has a habit of chewing whatever he gets in his hand. Last day he bit something hard and started crying. I checked his tooth and didn’t find any cavity or anything. Later on he stopped crying and I thought the pain was caused by the pressure when he bit but, today morning he started crying tapping on his tooth. I rinsed his mouth with warm salt water and tucked him back to bed. I think there’s a tooth decay in his front tooth. I took an appointment at a dentistry for kids at Scarborough ( ). What can be the reason for dental pain for toddlers? He is too young to eat sweets and toffee and I have never gave him any. Could anything else be the reason for tooth decay? What are the precautions that can be taken to minimise tooth decay for kids? What factors should I consider when selecting a toothpaste for kids? Any suggestions and advice would be a great help. Thank you.