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Taking my daughter to the dentist for first team

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  • Taking my daughter to the dentist for first team

    Hey, my younger daughter is five years old. She has got twenty teeth. She often complains about having teeth ache after chewing food. She says that her left set of teeth will have pain frequently, and therefore, she manages to chew with her right set of teeth. I usually give her clove to chew on when she says that she has got teeth ache. But, I have heard that it is not appropriate to give children clove at such a young age. She also hates the flavor of cloves. She often refuses to have food and sleeps on an empty stomach. Next week, I am taking her to a kids dentist in Oakville and it is her first dental visit. She is scared to visit dentists and I am not sure how to keep her calm during the dental procedure. Is there anything in special that I have to keep in mind while taking my child to the dentist for the first time? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.