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Kid suffering from blurred vision

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  • Kid suffering from blurred vision

    Hi, My son is in first grade. He never makes note of the home works that is to be done. Hence he is bad in his academics. Initially, I used to scold him for not making note of the home works. But last day when I went through his class work I found his class work were also incomplete. I went to his school and met his teacher. We found that only things that teacher mentions in class were made into notes by him. When I asked my son why is he not making note, he replied that he is not able to see anything. So I discussed with his teacher and we decided to change his position to first row. After shifting his place, to first row he started making notes. Recently, he started complaining about severe headache. He says he cannot see anything clear, everything seems to be blurred. May be because of his vision error he is not able to see anything clear. I have already taken an appointment with an eye doctor from a clinic in Livingstone , but wearing glasses at this small age is not that healthy exercise. Can someone suggest me any other alternative which will be good for my child?.
    If only glasses are advisable, can I get details of non breakable glasses because he is a small boy who loves to play a lot.