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Any DIY method for teeth whitening?

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  • Any DIY method for teeth whitening?

    My son is a seventh grade student. He is an asthma patient and he is taking regular medicines for the same. As result of taking this medicine, his teeth are discolored. He started complaining that his friends is teasing him for the same. Since he is a small kid, he is showing reluctance to go to school. He used to brush his teeth twice a day with whitening toothpaste. But no result was seen. I heard about teeth bleaching and I am thinking to take a consultation with a dentist in Oakville. Before that, I am planning to try some DIY methods at home. Can you suggest some bleaching technique that can be used for kids? Does doing these bleaching techniques reduces the dental health? Is home bleaching safe? I’m concerned about my son’s health. Is there any age limit for bleaching procedure? Please give me genuine replies.
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