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Daughter suffering from dysthymia - Need advice for treatment

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  • Daughter suffering from dysthymia - Need advice for treatment

    My daughter is suffering from dysthymia. Last day her friend died in a car accident. She was her best friend. Both of them goes to school together. My neighbor called and informed me of her death. My daughter and I were shocked hearing the bad news. After the funeral, she was not talking to anyone. She is always sitting in her room and she is not having her food. She woke up at night, seeing scary dreams. So she afraid to go to sleep. She needs me beside her while sleeping. I am worried about seeing my child's condition. I don't know how to help my daughter to cope up with losing her friend. My mom suggested me taking her for depression treatment. I don't know how she reacts to this. How long this treatment takes to get her back? Will this treatment need any medication? Please do help me. Waiting for your replies. Thanks.
    A low mood or depression can impact several areas of your life, such as work, school, family and social relations. Contact me to get an assessment.