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  • Kids and allergy

    Often spills happen on your upholstery or someone sits down and sweats, leaving the upholstery damp. This makes it a great place for bacteria to grow, and unless you have furniture cleaning done regularly ( ), this bacteria is going to continue to grow and multiply. The dust and dirt that settles on the upholstery can cause allergies to people especially to kids.

    I have a kid who is just 5 years old. He used to have continuous sneezing once he enters the living. When I consulted the doctor, he prescribed a few medicines. Even after then, my child didn't get cured of it. There was a complete house cleaning done last week. After the cleaning, till date, my child never sneezed. Then I understood that the sneezing was because of the dust that settled on the upholstery that was placed in the living room. So clean your house in order to stay away from diseases, thereby to stay healthy. Thanks!
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