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Protect our children from animals

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  • Protect our children from animals

    Hello friends, I am a news reporter. Every month, my newspaper reports at least four animals attacks. Children are the main victims of this cruelty. There are some animals which are the potential source of rabies. Our children should be protected from this dangerous attacks.
    Last week, we reported a news about a 4-year girl, Jessica. She was attacked by a stray dog. My heart dropped when I cameto hear about the news. She was playing with her friends in the garden, suddenly a dog attacked her. She had injuries on her beautiful face, hands, and legs.You might think how we could protect our children from these attacks.
    One of the best solutions for animal attacks is animal removal services. They provide permanent solutions for animals nuisance. On this January, I suggested having animal removal services in Hamilton as a remedy to the raccoon attack that had happened in Toronto. It works well. Raccoons where caught and removed from that area.
    You can mention solutions for these types of animals attacks. It will be helpful to many parents. I had searched for many solutions and I feel this is the better one.
    I think this is the best way to remove dangerous animals from our locality. We are not destroying their habitat or shelter meanwhile we are arranging a better shelter.
    Hawkeye's uniquely authorized under permit & license to offer permanent removal or relocation of pests and wildlife that pose a nuisance to your property.