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Filing A Defective product Claim

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  • Filing A Defective product Claim

    "I'm running a laundry service in Ottawa. Right now I have 8 employees. Only five of them are permanent.

    Recently I bought a large capacity dryer from a reputed brand. It had a warranty of one year.

    I usually call the extra staff only when the workload is high.
    Last Friday I had to call my extra staff due to a heavy workload. But unfortunately, one of my non-permanent staff got electrocuted from the new dryer that I bought a month before. It burned his hand pretty bad. He is still in the hospital. What's really odd is that he got electrocuted by touching on the dryer!

    So I decided to file a lawsuit against the company. Because it's a serious issue. It's unbelievable that even the reputed brands are selling products that don't meet any safety requirements. Someone told about a good disability claims lawyer in Ottawa.

    I'm going to meet them soon. So if you guys have anything to suggest it will be helpful."
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