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    Hi all,

    My friend James is a Painter by his profession. One day a gorgeous Dutch lady approached him to get her portrait done. At the first sight itself, he fell for her. And I’m not at all amazed-on hearing this. Why because she was that much pretty. When I saw her blue eyes…..on my Gosh….I don’t know what to say….I felt the depth of an ocean. Her mind was more charming than her face. She was kind to one and every creature of this world. Works for charity is one of her major activities. Moreover, she is a student of one of the music schools of our province.

    During the last Vancouver festival, he proposed her. But she simply smiled and replied that she will only marry a guy who owns a house of his own. What she wants was a stable life with him. And also, she promised that she will accept his proposal at the moment when he owns a house.

    He was an orphan and no relatives were there to take care of him since his childhood. He earns the daily bread from the money he gets from drawing paintings on the roadside. I’m not financially sound enough to help him with a massive sum of money now as my business went bad recently. So I was planning to suggest him to go for a mortgage. In my search, I came across a company offering home purchase mortgages in Alberta. But I'm not sure about the procedures to be followed to avail a mortgage from them. Do you have any idea about their rates? Can you help me in this matter?

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