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  • Debt Consolidation Services in Mississauga

    Hi all,

    I took some mortgages for starting a new business and for owning a new villa last year. I have multiple debts.And as I'm not having a stable income, I feel it very hard to pay all my mortgages regularly. A quarter of my earnings are spent for mortgages only. As my sister is pregnant now, I have to find funds for her medical expenses too.

    I can't handle all these simultaneously. So that, I'm planning to go for a debt consolidation. And I'm gonna approach a company offering debt consolidation services in Mississauga. But I don't know much about consolidation schemes. Can you please guide me with its procedures?

    Have you ever availed any such debt consolidation services from them? Are you satisfied with them? Any comments or suggestions regarding this matter are always welcome. Thanks in advance.
    If you need a licensed insolvency trustee or help with debt consolidation in Mississauga, visit the office of Kevin Thatcher and Associates today.