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  • Self-Employed Mortgage in Canada

    Hi all,

    I'm running a jewelry shop in Ontario. The shop was established on 2003. Since then, all was going well. Last week, I came to know that, one more jewelry shop is going to open soon near to my shop. It should not affect my sales anyway. For that, I was planning to incorporate some imported stuff in my collection. I'm planning to order some antique jewelry from Egypt.

    But the thing is that I'm in short of funds now. I can't survive without some financial support. In my search, I came across a company offering self-employed mortgage in Canada. Do you know more about them? What are all the procedures to be followed in order to avail a mortgage from them? Any idea about the rates? Any comments or suggestions are always welcome. Thanks in advance.
    The Butler Mortgage team helps provide Self Employed Mortgages which involves Self Employed Mortgage Loan as self employed may already have experienced the