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How can I trust their services?

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  • How can I trust their services?

    Many of us refuse to use the junk removal services since they demand high prices. Most services don't have a fixed price. I didn't understand why this happens. After the renovation of my basement, there are a lot of junks. So I planned to get the service of the junk removers. I think that when I book their service, I can collect all the junks that had being dumped in the house.
    I searched for the best services and compared the junk removal prices in Toronto. The result was quite disturbing. Most of the companies told me that they can fix the price only after seeing the junks. Some of them told me a fixed price and they vary as my searches move from one service to other. How can I fix a service? What is the reasonable price to collect basement and residential wastes? I don't what to get cheated by any companies. I am ready to give a reasonable amount for the work. But how can I trust their services?