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    I am wasting a lot of money on plumbing. Many of you might have faced issues with a toilet that fills every 15 minutes. I want to share a piece of information with my friends that I got from professional plumbers in Richmond Hill. If your toilet keeps refilling, it represents a leak. There is a rubber seal between tank and bowl called flapper. In a majority of the cases, the problem is with the flapper. It is a serious problem if the tank gets leaked. If so, you can see water on the floor. In these cases, we must think about toilet replacement.
    He told me that if you see water seeping from a hairline crack in the tank, replace the tank or the entire toilet. We can't repair such leaks. There are some situations where we can't see any leaks, in that case, the problem is with the valve. By replacing the valve, we can resolve such issues.
    There are many such plumbing issues in our home. It was very difficult for me to see water on the floor. If plumbing is not done properly, we might have to face a lot of difficulties in our life. We have to spend a lot of money and time to resolve the problems.