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  • Gambling addiction

    Hi, I’m residing in Calgary along with my husband. We got married last month. I have a son with my ex. My son is 18 years old. He moved out last month soon after my second marriage. Now he lives in Vancouver with his puppy. He is an introvert. He spends most of his time gambling on the deep web. I was literally shattered when I first found about his addiction. I took him to the nearest therapist and he agreed to attend weekly sessions. Yesterday I visited him at his place. The whole place was a mess. The dog had died two days back. He wasn’t even aware of this. He was sitting with his pc all devastated and depressed. I was shocked to know that his grief was caused because he lost an online bet. I can’t see him like this anymore. My husband suggested taking him for gambling addiction treatment. I googled about this and came to know that it’s kind of like a rehab. I don’t want to chain him up. Please help me. Give genuine replies. I really don’t know what to do. Kindly share your views.