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Any domestic assault lawyers in Toronto?

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  • Any domestic assault lawyers in Toronto?

    Hi friends,

    I'm in a really bad situation right now and it's going to be terrible. I'm a 40-year-old woman working as a construction site supervisor in Toronto. I have a small kid. Things aren't going well with me and my husband. Some relationships aren't meant to last forever. He is alcoholic. For the last few months, he rarely came home.

    Last night, an unfortunate incident happened. I came back home from the cinema in the late night with my kid. We were feeling sleepy. Then, we heard some knock on the door. It was my husband. He suddenly slapped on my face. I fell down. Then he beat me up and tortured me physically. My daughter woke up from sleep and screamed for help. There was no one to help us. I am totally disheartened. I have decided to file a case against him for domestic assault. I need the help of a domestic assault lawyer in Toronto. Any similar experiences?
    Do not plead guilty to 'domestic assault' without first obtaining legal advice from a Toronto domestic assault lawyer at Kostman & Pyzer, Barristers.