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  • Help for biking accident lawyer in Woodbridge

    Hi all, I wish to share a tragic experience of my friend Daniel. Daniel was always fond of bikes and racing. One day, another guy named Arnold from a different department invited Daniel for a race and the condition was if Daniel loses, he has to donate his bike to Arnold and vice-versa.

    Soon after the race started, Daniel began to cover much distance than Arnold and suddenly, Daniel slipped from his bike. By this time, Arnold ride his bike over Daniel's legs as sort of revenge and as an aftereffect, Daniel lost his both legs. Daniel is now in critical condition and doctors said that artificial limbs are the one and only option left for him.

    We won't let the accused to enjoy his life free even after destroying our friend's future. we would like to file a lawsuit against Arnold and also planning to claim for some compensation. It may be helpful for financially securing Daniel. We have heard about a famous biking accident lawyer in Woodbridge.We would like to know your opinions and suggestions on choosing them as our lawyer.

    Expecting replies soon. Thank you.
    Our bicycle accident personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help with bike accident injury claims in Toronto and Vaughan.