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Renovating home for daughter's wedding

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  • Renovating home for daughter's wedding

    Hey, guys,
    I am very happy to say that my daughter is getting married next month. That would be really a big day for all of us. We have a big list to do and everyone in the family are on it. We need everything to be done perfectly. As a part of that, I’m in the midst of a home renovation right now. Our house looks a bit old, the windows and doors are totally worn out as they are quite old. Some of the furniture also need to be replaced. Regarding the door, the front door is our priority and I need it to be attractive and classy. Also, all the windows are partially damaged and I need to replace them, especially the bedroom windows. But I’m a bit confused about what material to choose for our bedroom windows. Everyone advised us to go with wood, as they are the best-looking one. But, I would like to have some different options like vinyl or steel. Is it a good choice? Are they costly? What is their typical price range? One of my friends suggested to try custom Bay windows or energy efficient windows from London. I’m in a dilemma. Please help me with suggestions.